Roger Tabor's Background

Roger Tabor CBiol FRSB MPhil FCFBA FBNAhc FLS

Roger's expertise as a biologist has given integrity to his media work. He has travelled extensively observing small cats living feral & bigger cats living wild, wildlife & wild plants in 30 countries. He pioneered the study of urban feral cats & their ranges & was the first biologist to monitor the effects of trap, neuter & return (TNR) on a feral cat colony, which has since become widely used as a humane & effective biological-based population control method. He introduced the 'vacuum effect' concept in regard to feral cat control. Dr Desmond Morris wrote 'Nobody understands cats better than Roger Tabor' & described him as a 'true authority' who has 'made a major original contribution to the subject'.

Earlier he was a pioneer in Motorway verge ecology. He is an active field naturalist.

He is a Chartered Biologist, Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology, Master of Philosophy, Fellow of the Canine & Feline Behaviour Association, Fellow honoris causa of the British Naturalists' Association & Fellow of the Linnean Society.


Roger particularly supports the following charities & organisations:


Cat Survival Trust
The Cat Survival Trust, The Centre, Codicote Road, Welwyn, Herts, AL6 9TU, UK 
The Trust concentrates on conserving entire habitat where wild cats live. The first reserve bought was Misiones, Argentina, where 5 species of wild cat live in virgin forest. The Trust also operates as a rescue organisation for unwanted wild cats from zoos and other collections.

The British Naturalists’ Association 
The Association is the national body for naturalists, founded in 1905. The BNA promotes and encourages the pursuit of active natural history in Britain. Roger has been very actively and practically involved with the BNA on a day to day basis across 4 decades, and was formerly editor of its journal ‘Country-side’, Scientific Officer,  Chairman of Council & a VP.

Alley Cat Allies 
The USA’s national advocacy organisation dedicated to the protection and humane treatment of cats. It operates and promotes the use of trap-neuter-return for the control and welfare of feral cats. Roger’s pioneering field research with urban feral cats established that TNR colonies would remain on their sites post-neutering. Roger addressed America’s first feral cat conference ‘Focus on Ferals’ for ACA in 1994.

Scientific Advisor 
Animal Balance 
Based in the USA, this non-profit body organises projects of volunteer vets, assistants & helpers to form mobile cat & dog neutering clinics on islands with vulnerable wildlife around the world. On the Galapagos Islands since 2004 250 international volunteers have taken part in 9 campaigns neutering 4,500 cats & dogs. Other locations are the Samoan Islands and Dominican Republic.

Advisor (& former Chairman) 
Herb Society 
Education charity dedicated to encourage the appreciation and use of herbs by professionals and amateurs.  Roger designed the society’s national herb garden at Sulgrave Manor.

Member of the Behaviour Panel 
International Cat Care (formerly Feline Advisory Bureau) 
Charity dedicated to promoting the health & welfare of cats through improved knowledge. In 2006 FAB formed a panel from the UK’s top feline behaviourists, who combine expertise to work on a wide range of behaviour issues.


The Pet Education,Training and Behaviour Council of Great Britain 
The Council promotes high standards for canine and pet related training associations, canine and feline course providers and similar interest groups in the UK that also represent the future for pet education in companion animal behaviour disciplines.